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Albert Einstein

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein

The Mind-Book

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Design involves the arts of inventing, planning, doing, and making. Design actions are a proactive strategy for facilitating change working toward a desired outcome. From this perspective we are all designers, as we continuously make decisions that shape our future and those of others. A plan turns a dream into a goal, and design's purpose is to help us get there. In design we find a new way of knowing that combines human intuition with machine precision, to address society's emergent needs.

Design learning involves engaging with the meaning of a design task, which is released by the act of drawing, sketching or modeling. Graphic intelligence brings together intuitive thought, symbolic meaning and experiential learning, and needs not necessarily be associated with numerical and verbal language. Viewing design as a form of intelligence invites us to understand genius as the ability to work on our own ideas and make our desired outcomes come true.

Imagination is that special faculty that it makes it possible for us to believe that in the future the world might be different than the way we experience it today. The Mind-book is a metaphor of a basic container where to free the imagination, and hold and display the contents of our minds. It is a low-tech visualization tool that allows both written and visual record of our thinking and feeling process; we may write phrases or words, draw pictures, cut and past images or cutouts from the media that strike our attention and are relevant to us. Overall it is an invitation to bring our voice and creativity into the world!

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